High Efficiency Motors

Energy Efficiency Criteria For Material And Electrical Equipment To Qualify For Energy Efficiency Incentives

To further promote the efficient use of energy in the country, fiscal incentives have been introduced by the government for efficient electrical equipment and insulation material. To assist in determining the appropriate equipment and material to qualify for the incentives, the performance criteria and the necessary testing standards to determine the performance have to be determined. Such testing standards and performance criteria have been set for the following items:-

Performance Indicator and Testing Standard

  • Energy efficiency classification in accordance with CEMEP (European Committee of Manufacturers of Electrical Machinery and Power Electronics)
  • Testing in accordance with IEC 60034-2 (Rotating Electrical Machines Part 2: Methods for Determining Losses and Efficiency of Rotating Electrical Machinery from Tests (Excluding Machines for Traction Vehicles)

Criteria for Incentives

Motor with at least an EFF1 classification under the CEMEP scheme.