Energy Efficiency Criteria for Material and Electrical Equipment to Qualify for the Minimum Energy Performance Standards Star Rating

To further promote the efficient use of energy in the country, the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) has been introduced by the government for efficient electrical equipment and material. To meet the requirements of the MEPS, the performance criteria when tested using the relevant testing standards has to be met. The testing standards and performance criteria have been set for the following equipment.

Performance Indicator and Testing Standard

  • Star Index based on daily energy consumption obtained from tests in accordance with MS IEC 62552:2011.
  • The Star Index is calculated as follows:-


The STAR Index values for the various star ratings are as shown below.

Star Rating
STAR Index Value
+25%≤ STAR Index
+10%≤ STAR Index <+25%
-10%≤ STAR Index <+10%
-25%≤ STAR Index <-10%
STAR Index <-25%

Criteria for MEPS

Appliances should have at least a 2 STAR rating.
Performance testing is to be done by SIRIM or any laboratory recognised by Standard Malaysia.