Approval to Operate

Regulation 16, Gas Supply Regulations 1997 states that upon completion of a new gas installation work, the applicant shall apply for an approval to operate it from Energy Commission by submitting a written application together with a Certificate of Completion and Test Certificate . The certificates shall be signed by appropriate competent person who supervises the installation work.

Conditions for Approval to Operate

1. Complete and submit JG 9 form with the following documents:

a) As built drawing endorsed by Competent Person;
b) Photos of gas installation;
c) Record of welding work – Form JG 5 (if relevant);
d) A Certificate of Completion (Form B);
e) A Test Certificate (Form C); and
f)  Inspection and testing record by Competent Person.

2. The installation, testing and commissioning of gas piping system shall complied to safety and technical requirements states under Gas Supply Act 1993, Gas Supply Regulations 1997 and Energy Commission.

3. Each application for Approval to operate will be processed and the approval will be granted within two weeks upon receiving a complete application.