Certificate of Approval for Assemblers, Manufacturers or Importers of Gas Fittings, Gas Appliances and Equipment

  1. Regulation 116(1), Gas Supply Regulations 1997, states no person shall assemble or manufacture, or import a gas fitting, gas appliance or equipment without getting the approval of the Energy Commission.

Conditions of Approval for Assemblers, Manufacturers or Importers of Gas Fittings, Gas Appliance and Equipment

  1. Applicant need to register and login to the Online Application System (OAS) at before proceeding with the application.
  2. Applicant need to fill in the JG6 form and submit the completed form together with the required supporting documents as follows:
    (a)    A copy of company or business registration
    (b)    The company’s profile which includes:
    - a description of the nature of business of the company, products or services offered
    - organization chart which includes particulars of employees with relevant technical expertise
    - the type of products manufactured, assembled or imported, as the case may be, and a list of the customers to which these products are supplied or sold to
    - registration with other related agencies (if any)
    Each application for Certification of Approval for assembler, manufacturer or importer of gas fittings, gas appliance or gas equipment will be processed and the Certification of approval will be granted within 5 days upon receiving a complete application.

Note: All documents must be certified as true copies complete with signature and company’s stamp. Applicants also need to submit a hardcopy of the JG6 form together with all the documents required within 14 days from the date of the online application submitted to the Commission.