Electrical Safety

  1. ST(IP/JKE) KE/16/12(03): Notice on Product Recall for Unlabelled Electrical Equipment As a Requirement for Reapplication of New CoA 
  2. ST(IP/JKE)KE/19/01/01: Notis Pemakluman Pembatalan Perakuan Pendaftaran (Certificate of Registration) Syarikat yang Gagal Mengambil Tindakan Melupus/Menghantar Balik Kelengkapan Elektrik yang Gagal Ujian Konsainmen
  3. ST(IP/JKE)KE/01/01/02: Prohibition of Import, Manufacture, Exhibition, Advertisement and Sale of Electric Heated Pillow in Malaysia
  4. ST(IP/JKE) KE/19/05 Jld 4 (28): Order of the Energy Commission for Manufacturers, Importers and Retailers of Electrical Equipment on the Condition of Compliance to MS1597-2-21:2015 (Installation of Isolation Barrier for Storage-Type Water Heaters)
  5. ST(IP/JKE)KE/19/01/01(01): Energy Commission's Directive to Electrical Equipment Manufacturers, Importers and Retailers on the Installation of Isolation Barrier for Storage Water Heater
  6. ST(IP/JKE)KE/19/05 JLD4(25): Guidelines on the Adoption of the Validity Period for Test Reports for New Applications and Renewal of Certificate of Approval (CoA) Based on Risk Category of Electrical Equipment
  7. ST(IP/JKE)KE/01/01/02(06): Notis Pemakluman Tempoh Sah Laku Laporan Ujian Kelengkapan Elektrik
  8. ST(IP/JKE)KE/19/01(7): Pendaftaran pengilang dan pengimport di Sistem e-Dik
  9. ST(IP/JKE)KE/19/01(16): Acceptance of new IEC Standards for double capped LED lamp and audio video for the application of Certificate Of Approval (COA)
  10. ST(IP/JKE)KE/19/01(17): Enforcement of Malaysian Standard (MS) to comply with the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) requirements for five electrical equipments (refrigerator, air conditioner, television, domestic fan and lamp)
  11. No. 02/2014: Circular on Examination and Issuance of Certificate of Competency for Chargeman (Restricted) to meet current Industry needs
  12. No. 01/2014: Upgrading of Certificate for Chargeman Categories A4-2, A4-1 to A4 or BO-2, BO-1 to BO and Termination of Examination and Issuing of Certificate for Chargeman Categories A4-2, A4-1, BO-2 and BO-1
  13. ST (IP/JKE) KE/06/09: Announcement: Determination of one (1) Certificate of Approval (COA) for one (1) model of electrical equipment
  14. ST(IP/JKE)KE/16/11(01) Announcement: Registration as a Manufacturer or Importer with The Energy Commission
  15. JKKE Bil 01/2013: Training Conditions for Replacing Work Experience of Chargeman
  16. JKPPE BIL.01/2012: Implementation of Performance Standard of Electricity Supply Services of TNB - Guaranteed Service Level and Minimum Service Level
  17. JKKE Bil. 03/2012: The Usage of 1.5mm2 Copper Power Cable in Fixed Wiring for Lighting Circuit
  18. No. 04/2011: Requirement of installation of residual current device (RCD) on all final sub-circuits of electrical wiring systems
  19. No. 03/2011: Buildings' Lightning Protection System
  20. No. 02/2011: Approval to Manufacture and Import Flourescent Ballast
  21. No. 01/2011: Implementation of the Competency Examination System by the Accredited Institutions
  22. No. 02/2010: Standardisation of Form for Testing and Calibration of Protective Relay and Device
  23. No. 01/2010: Revised Criteria for Competency Examinations Conducted by Accredited Institutions
  24. No. 3/2008 : Procedure of Electrical Fence Installation
  25. No. 2/2008 : The use of Electrical Wiring Guidelines in Residential Buildings
  26. No. 1/2008 : Standards used in Electrical Installation
  27. No. 4-2007 : Requirement on Electrical Installation Inspection by Competent Person
  28. No. 3/2007 : The Termination of issuing Certificate of Competency for Chargeman
  29. No. 5/2004 : The use of Controlled Electrical Equipment for Electrical Works
  30. No. 1/2004 : Procedures & Requirements of Submission the Renewal Application for Certificate of Approval
  31. No. 1/2003 : Procedures & Requirements of obtaining the Certificate of Approval to manufacture, import, display, sell & advertise the electrical equipment
  32. JBE No. 10/1999: Frequency of visit and inspection by the competent person
  33. Prohibition Notice for the Use of Residual Current Device (RCD) Voltage Stabilizer
  34. Notification on Nominal Voltage